Zac Rantz

Author & Public Speaker


Zac's first book, Hindsight:  Lessons learned from the Joplin tornado and other crisis events, has been released and is available for order at

The book is a recap of the lessons schools can learn from Joplin in the beginning of the tornado as well as their recovery efforts that followed.  The book will also highlight other steps that schools can take to improve their safety and security plans.

Public Speaker

To book Zac as a speaker for your conference or meeting, use the contact for rates and availability.

Zac is available to present on a whole host of marketing, communication, and safety topics such as the following:
  • Lessons Learned From The Joplin Tornado and Other Crisis Events
  • Setting Up A Crisis Team & Plan
  • Communication 101
  • 10 Lessons Learned from PR Rookies
  • Trademarking 101
  • Sticky Note Prince and the Spreadsheet Queen:  Communicating Finances To Various Audiences
  • Rules for the new PR Professional
  • Setting Up An Advertising Program
  • Setting Up An Effective Communication Program
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